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Defamatory, slanderous or erroneous profession reviews of you can be very harmful to you and your business. Generally these user reviews are focused towards doctors, lawyers, dentists, realtors etc but they can be of anyone in any profession. The internet provides a wide open, un-policed forum to post lies and misleading information which can permanently damage your professional reputation. There are even several websites dedicated to providing a wide open forum for users to write whatever they want about a particular professional without any proof or vetting of the comments.
These users can name names and make false accusations. Just one blog post or gossip site posting can have seriously harmful effects. Takedown can help.
While slander and defamation are a matter for courts, can remove content and information which is copyright infringement. Pictures, files, text graphics etc.
Often damaging information is accompanied by photos or files which have been stolen and published without permission with slanderous information. can get that stolen content removed through the DMCA Takedown process.
Go to: and complete the form
Simply submit the name and location of where you found the stolen content and we can go to work on your behalf.
Most of our reputation support clients are people or organizations that have found their content listed on another website without their permission.

Some examples of stolen content that we work with everyday are:

  1. Pictures - of you or taken by you
  2. Videos - of you or taken by you
  3. Graphics
  4. Text
  5. Applications
  6. Programs
  7. Profiles or Bio's - personal or corporate
  8. etc
If one of these examples is like your situation we can help.
Start Your Takedown here:
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