Yes. The Protection Badge service is completely FREE.
There are no signup costs or monthly fees to have a Protection Badge on your website.
The Protection Badge service includes:
  • 1 FREE Professional takedown service case per year.
  • 10% off all subsequent's Professional Takedown services.
  • a complete selection of over 100 Protection Badge styles to choose from for the best fit for your website and content
  • or you can create your own custom badge
  • registration into the SecurePortal, where you can access a number of additional free and paid protection services such as website copy scanner, Watermarker and DIY DMCA Takedown cases
  • Protected page index - a complete list of all your website pages protected by the DMCA badge.
In order to access all these free services along with your badge it is very important however to register your account before placing a free Protection Badge on your website. Go to: and complete the form
By registering your website first, whatever webpages and content you want protected will be listed in the DMCA Portal as "protected pages" under your account name. The free takedown service offer cannot occur without your website being registered.

Sign up for FREE Website Protection here:

Go Pro also offers a upgrade service called Protection Pro This service provies both website protection and enforcement services. You get all of the above PLUS a complete webmasters toolkit to keep website content protected and to get it taken down when it gets stolen.
Modified: 01/14/2019
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