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These are instructions you need to send your DMCA Takedown Notice. These steps should be followed once you have completed building your notice or case. If you haven't yet built your takedown case: Follow these instructions to make your takedown case

Sending your DIY Takedown Case

First Download your DIY Takedown case PDF by clicking the green button. You will find this button on the case details page.

There is also a similar download button on the case preview page as well.

Sending the DIY takedown case

Follow these instructions if you have both DMCA Takedown contact email addresses of the website owner and HOST / ISP:

Once you have downloaded the PDF of your takedown notice it should be sent (emailed) to the infringing website and the ISP that hosts the website.

1.  Search the infringing site for a DMCA / abuse / copyright claims address, this is usually at the very bottom of the home page.

2.  Email your PDF Takedown Notice to the website abuse@ or DMCA@ address and

3.  Notify them that you will also be sending a copy of the Takedown Notice to their ISP then

3.  CC: the hosting ISP in your email to the infringing website.

Note: If you are unable to find email address for the infringing website don’t worry, it is acceptable to send the DMCA takedown notice to only the hosting ISP.

If you do NOT have both DMCA Takedown contact email addresses of the website owner and HOST / ISP:

Using the Website Detective Do It Yourself DMCA Takedown toolkit has a solution to help you find the DMCA contact email address of the infringing ISP.

it is called the Website Detective - instructions on how to use it are listed below

1.  Login into DMCA Secure Management Portal and enter your username and password.

2.  Select the Website Protection

3.  Select then “Website Detective” tab

4.  Paste the Infringing site IP Address in the dialogue box provided under the heading “IP Address & Domain Research”. This IP address was supplied to you when you created your infringing case.

    - Alternatively you may also enter the infringing site’s address i.e.

5.  IMPORTANT after entering the IP address or Domain name do not hit the enter key please select the Lookup button.

6.  A Results Display will show "Possible DMCA Contact" names and addresses as well as separate Domain and Network information.

    If no abuse contacts are displayed look through the "Domain and Network" information tabs to source any additional contact information.

7.  Copy and paste the abuse@ email contact address into your email to the website infringing address.

If you have any questions regarding these instructions please send email to
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