Also called's:

"The Pub Pack"

Short for Publisher's Package, the "Pub Pack" is Protection Pro for enterprise level Publishing clients. Often these are clients that:

  publish both online and terrestrial (conventional) newspapers or magazines.

  publish both online text and media (audio or Video) content

  publish globally throughout several different copyright law jurisdictions

The benefit of the "Pub Pack" is:

 1. it provides all of's "Do It Yourself" Protection Pro online resources of services

 2. customized "made to order", white label services and solutions like customized badges and website Certificate

 3. front of the line executive access to all of's Managed Professional services such as infringement monitoring, high volume takedowns, cross jurisdictional takedowns etc. All delivered with personalized service from a Professional assigned to you and your group. And this isn't some front line phone attendant the person assigned to you is a professional who only works with large enterprise organizations like yours. This means this person understands your copyright protection and enforcement needs and can match an implementation process that fits your company perfectly.

Services Options and Features:

 1. Complete Protection Pro service - Feature List here Standard for all clients but with "The Pub Pack" you get access to these customization options (white label options):

 a. customized Protection Pro website certificate - Certificate example

 b. customized Protection Pro Badge - Standard Badge List get any of these Badges Customized to your look, design and use your own or have us design one for you.

 c. customized HTML tracking code for Logo or other graphic often at risk of copyright infringement or online theft - Customized Tracking Code service

 2. Managed Services: These Managed Services or a combination of these Managed Services can be delivered monthly.

 3. Reporting -'s Tracking codes come with complete reporting services attached. You can now track all your webpages or customized tracking codes in logos or photos with's integrated reporting system. In real - time online. Want to catch thieves re-publishing your content - using the reports is one of THE easiest ways to find stolen content locations.

 4. API integration for Takedown case management. Some publishers already use an account / case system to handle their takedown requests.'s takedown case handling and management system is used around the globe by Law firms, lawyers and corporate legal counsel to conduct takedowns in an organized comprehensive efficient manner. has a convenient easy to use API which can be programmed to integrate with your existing CRM.

Take one or all three options above. Your choice.

How do I Get Started

What are your needs?

 a. How many sites would be involved with this (copyright) content protection program?

 b. How much content, how many titles, how many publications would be involved with this (copyright) content protection program?

 c. How much infringement is currently happening?

 d. What is being stolen or published without your permission (illegally) elsewhere?

 e. On what sites and where have you found your stolen content published?

 f. What are you currently doing or using for copyright protection?

 g. What is your budget for content protection?

 h. What level of protection do you want to achieve with a copyright / content protection / enforcement program?

 i. Do you conduct DMCA Takedowns, Cease and Desist orders now?

 I. If yes - how many takedowns does your organization do a day, month, year?

 II. Where, geographically, are most of the takedowns being conducted?

 III.and who handles this job - someone internally or lawyer / law firm externally?

Once you have answered these questions we can better assess what program would be best for you.

Pricing for solutions, services, customization and deliverables can be quoted one time with monthly or just monthly. Please do state your preference

Implementation is generally graduated and suited to client's urgent needs if any.

Email to Get Started:
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