Refunds can only be request and occur after a cancellation notice has been received

Submit a cancellation request here:

REFUNDS: all refunds shall be processed in the same method as payments.
  1. Protection Pro
    1. only yearly Protection Pro shall be issued a refund. Only if the client issues refund request within 10 days of receipt of payment and services have not been used.
    2. no refunds shall be prorated
    3. refunds shall NOT include or processing fees.
    4. no refunds on payments made using coupon codes
    5. no refunds on monthly subscription payments
  2. Professional Takedown Services offers a money back guarantee should the Professionally Managed Takedown Service not be successful. Exceptions are:
    1. EXCEPTION - the client has waived this guarantee and this waiver has been made within the case comments of the Professional Takedown case related to the client's payment.
    2. EXCEPTION - the client has not responded within 24 hours of case inactivity email notification.
    3. EXCEPTION - if a client is or has been attempting to remove content prior to or in conjunction with Professionally Managed services there is no refund if the content has been removed successfully. The Professional work of supersedes any previous takedown work.
    4. EXCEPTION - if the ISP or Hosting company declares they are in receipt of a counterclaim and refuse to remove the content described in the takedown notice no refund shall be provided.

Is there a case where a refund is not applicable?

To protect content owners, there are a couple situations where our refund is not applicable:

  • when an alleged infringer files a DMCA Takedown counterclaim that is found to be valid or accepted by the ISP/OSP.
  • If the ISP/OSP does not follow DMCA policy or act in its enforcement of copyright infringement.
  • professional DMCA Takedown staff advise the conditions of the takedown are not eligible for a refund.
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