What does the DMCA.com Takedown Guarantee include and what are the exceptions?

The DMCA.com guarantee offers a 100% money back for its DMCA Takedowns. This means, if we can't get the infringing content taken down under standard DMCA notice specifications we will fully refund your money. If we are unable to include the guarantee in the takedown service. Our team will notify you prior to processing notices so you can make the decision on how you would like to proceed.

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What Does the DMCA.com Takedown Guarantee Include and What are the Exceptions?

As a leading provider of takedown services, DMCA.com offers a free takedown notice guarantee service. The takedown guarantee ensures that clients will receive a full refund if the infringing content is not removed under standard DMCA notice specifications. This guarantee is a testament to DMCA.com’s commitment to providing effective and reliable takedown services.

However, it's important to note that there are some exceptions to the DMCA.com takedown guarantee. The DMCA.com takedown team notifies clients prior to proceeding with takedowns. This allows clients the choice to proceed with the takedown or receive a guaranteed refund.



DMCA.com Fast Tip

Some cases require more work in order to get the takedown notice processed. This additional work will cost more however it is your choice to pay more in order to proceed. One of our team will notify you of your options and can answer any questions you may have.


Common Exceptions to the DMCA.com Takedown Guarantee

There are some instances where the money back guarantee does not apply, examples include:

Receipt of a Valid Counterclaim

If the ISP or Hosting company declares they are in receipt of a counterclaim and refuse to remove the content described in the takedown notice no refund shall be provided. As claimed by a number of the world's largest ISP/OSP's, nearly half of all takedown notices they receive are frivolous or competitive in nature. This no guarantee refund policy is in support of this initiative to reduce the total number of illegal takedown notices.

Re-posting or Re-hosting of the Content

If the content has been removed, as verified by a web hosting service, ISP or DMCA.com Imaging Service the takedown notice service complete. If the same content and or website is re-posted / re-hosted it's subsequent removal constitutes a new takedown service not covered by DMCA.com's Takedown Guarantee.

The OSP/ISP does NOT follow Standard Accepted DMCA Takedown Policy

Some websites and hosting companies interpret the act and its enforcement differently than outlined by authorities or convention. We have no control over this and therefore cannot guarantee their actions to remove your content when processing individual takedown requests.his exceptions does not mean your takedown will not occur it simply means the takedown may take longer or require more work which will cost more than you have already paid in order to be successful.

The OSP/ISP or Website is Located Outside the USA

Although most hosting companies and website involved with content have a DMCA like (or similar) "policy" or an Intellectual Property Protection Policy. Not all of these hosts or websites follow the copyright content removal conventions and therefore we cannot guarantee the application to takedown specific content.

These exceptions do not always mean your takedown will not occur, it simply means the takedown may take longer or require more work. This may come with additional costs in order to be successful. DMCA.com's takedown team will generally notify you prior to proceeding with takedowns in these situations. This way you have the choice to proceed with the takedown or receive your guaranteed refund. You can see more information on what is included in the standard DMCA.com Takedown service here: DMCA.com Takedown Guide



DMCA.com Testimonial

Dear Julie and Paul- I wanted to thank you both for an excellent job done in taking down the infringed content successfully in such a short period of time. Your professionalism, prompt responses, consistent follow-ups, and valuable advice have been very impressive. THANK YOU!


DMCA.com Code of Conduct

DMCA.com staff, management, contractors and vendors all adhere to a strict code of conduct policy. This policy governs the interaction between all people, and is done so with respect and dignity. This policy extends to our customers. No behaviour deemed to be abusive by staff or management will be tolerated. Any behaviour that is deemed to be offensive or abusive shall be met with instant action to remove any exposure of DMCA.com personnel to an abusive customer.


What if I Change my Mind and Want my Money Back?

If you want your money back please follow these instructions before we have started to work

  • update the takedown notice case comment. As long as the case comment date / time stamp is prior to work conducted on your takedown notice you are eligible for a refund
  • email takedowns@dmca.com with the takedown case number in the subject. as long as the email receipt is date / time stamped prior to work conducted on your takedown notice you are eligible for a refund
  • Note 1: As per DMCA.com's Terms and Conditions, your rights to a full refund are rescinded if you do not reply by email or case comment to the cases worker's request for information regarding your case within 7 business days of payment for the takedown notice. Further, your notice will be sent as submitted and paid after the seven days, and within 30 days of payment.

    Note 2: If you have been attempting to remove content prior to or in conjunction with DMCA.com Professionally Managed services there is no refund if the content has been removed successfully. The Professional work of DMCA.com supersedes any previous takedown work.

    See refund detail here: DMCA.com's Refund Policy


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