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The stuff of every creator’s nightmares, DMCA strikes are often regarded as the bane of creatives on popular platforms regulated by US law. Getting a DMCA strike usually means a creator is a big step closer to losing thousands (or more often millions) of followers and, sometimes, all of the work of their lifetime. As a result, you can understand why receiving a DMCA strike can be a prelude to sleepless nights for creators, or even the catalyst of platform-wide turmoil for entire creative communities. If you are a creative and have never come across a DMCA strike or do not even know what it means, congratulations. This means you have managed to stay out of trouble so far and butterflies have yet to find a way into your innards (at least as it relates to copyrighted content). But that is no reason to grow overconfident. Copyright-related issues are very troublesome, and as most creators find out, a DMCA strike could hit you out of the blue when you least expect it. What should you know about DMCA strikes, what to do about them, and how content-hosting sites manage these strikes? Here’s all you need to know.
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