What is the DMCA Protection Badge?

DMCA.com Protection Badge is an icon or graphic placed on websites all across the internet as a layer of protection for the contents contained on the website. An example of a badge is included above. There are over 300 versions of the DMCA Protection Badge and many contain the words DMCA and Protection. All must link to a DMCA.com Website Protection Certificate.

To select a badge of your choosing simply click here: DMCA Protected Badge Choices. If you cannot find something that matches your site you can custom create your own badge.

The DMCA Protection Badge is a placed on a site for two reasons:

  1. as a link to the website's content ownership statement certificate
  2. to add a Certificate to every single on of your website pages Website Certificate Sample here
    There are three versions of the website certificate:
    1. verified
    2. non-verified
    3. unauthorized
  3. demonstrate to site users the website owner has chosen the DMCA.com Protection Service

The DMCA.com Badge has specific use case and function. How do DMCA.com Badges & Certificates Work? >Protection badges should only linked to the Website Protection Certificate. Should the Protection Badge be used for alternate purposes and not link to a protection status page OR be located on websites using stolen content, it must be reported.

Step by Step instructions on how to add a DMCA Protection Badge to your website

  1. Register first - Website Badge registration it's free, costs you nothing.
  2. Pick a Badge you like. Note: if you do not pick the badge code when you are logged into the Protection Portal none of the pages your badge choice is placed on will be indexed to your DMCA.com Protection account.
  3. Copy the embed code.
  4. Paste it either in the footer of your website (to protect all pages with that footer), or on certain pages you want protected.
  5. Badge code embed best practices:
    1. Make certain the DMCA.com code is "view-able" within the source code of your webpage.
    2. Do not remove the GUID or Unique alphanumeric tracking and status page code.
    3. Do not remove the status page link, it's better users see your protection status than the DMCA.com home page.
    4. Make certain the webpage(s) you are placing the badge on is free of validation errors. Check your webpages through a markup validation service.
    5. Get Verified Status by far the best option for your website is to have a fully verified website certificate and status page. The website certificate and status page is connected to your Protection Badge.
  6. Every page that contains a DMCA Protection Badge will be automatically added to the protected pages list.
  7. New web pages with the DMCA Protection Badge are detected instantly and generally appear in the secure DMCA Protection Portal Protected Pages list within 24 hours after placing the DMCA Protection Badge on your webpage.
  8. Placing the DMCA.com Protection Badge on your webpage triggers the DMCA.com crawling/indexing systems to come check your page as it is requested.
Notes regarding DMCA.com Protection Page indexing:
  1. However, most new web browsers cache the badge and so it may not be actually requesting the badge from each page that you visit as your browser is likely caching our protection badge, therefore not queuing the page for crawling/indexing.
  2. With DMCA.com's Free Protection Badge service indexing is also page traffic dependent. Some pages may index slower if they do not have user traffic. To test simply refresh a low/no traffic page and check the index.

FAQ's related to the DMCA Protection Badge

  1. What if I found the DMCA Protected Badge on a site with stolen content
  2. How do I Report Abuse of DMCA Website Protection Badge?
  3. Read the fine print here: DMCA.com's Protection Badge Terms and Conditions of Use
  4. Learn about how the DMCA.com protection badge and page certificate work together. What is DMCA.com Website Status Page and Protection Certificate


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