The DMCA Protection Certificate shows the webpage it is monitoring and protecting. It clearly identifies a number of key pieces of information for site users and owners to know the webpage is connected to its protected. It also clearly states the content on that page is the property of the site owner or is used under permission of the site owner.

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There are three kinds of Protection Certificates:

  1. verified
  2. unverified
  3. unauthorized
  1. Verified Protection Certificates allow the website owner / webmaster more control over their Protected Pages. Upgrade to Protection Pro.Click here to get a Verified Certificate
  2. Unverified Protection Certificate is's Free certificate for all website owners who register their badge. Click here to get a DMCA Protection Badge
  3. Unauthorized certificate is on a site that is not following the terms and conditions of Protection Pro.
The Protection Certificate provides several specific key pieces of information to help protect your content:
  1. webpage title - direct connection to the specific webpage it is protecting
  2. verification status
  3. when the Protection of the page started
  4. last checked - indexes all Badge Certified pages - this tell you and site users when it was last scanned
  5. language option - communicate your copyright or content ownership in the language of your users
All of this information and these tools are critical in helping prevent thieves from stealing your content. And if they do steal your content you have specific content protection information to provide as proof of ownership or copyright to process a successful takedown. It is a powerful solution and guard against theft.

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