DIY $35
use our takedown toolkit to build the your own notice
quick send $99
our takedown pro's build the formal notice and send to the infringing site.
no takedown money back guarantee
full service $199
our takedown pro's do all the work for you
build your takedown notice
send your takedown notice to infringing website and ISP
we confirm the notice has been received by the infringing parties
track your takedown notice daily to ensure compliance
additional notice edits and replies with infringing Website owners and ISP representatives
confirm infringing compliant
and finally that your stolen content has been takendown by the infringing website
100% money back guarantee if your content is not taken down

At our goal is to be open and transparent about our pricing.'s Professionally Managed Takedown Pricing is $199.00 or less. Click here to REDUCE your takedown cost.

This includes:

  1. 100% Money back guarantee - if we cannot get your content down we give you your money back.
  2. up to 50 (and often more) infringing URL's per website or domain for the $199 price. See Savings options below.
  3. professional, confidential, fully qualified, experience, highly trained case manager - a real person They will be your single point of contact with
  4. fully secure takedown case communication service. You can text chat with with your case manager in complete confidence at any time.
  5. All communication you receive from (emails, texts, chats, voice mail etc.) will never contain your confidential information
  6. Protection Portal login and case management service. Complete secure, password protected account and case management center for you to conduct all your business and communication with in confidence.

Our Pricing Promise to you!

  • our money back guarantee is just that - we give you your money back
  • You will never be forced to pay something you do not want
  • you will be informed of all costs at every step of the process
  • You can do as little or as much of the takedown work as your budget allows.
  • you will always be asked to confirm your service and pricing choice before being charged
  • If you have any questions regarding the price of your takedown request by all means click here to Ask a Takedown Question

    How can I save money on my takedown pricing

    1. Bulk or volume savings - provides our clients with bulk or volume discounted pricing for more than one domain or website takedowns. In order to provide accurate pricing, please be certain and include all the URL's of your stolen content when completing your takedown signup form. Once submitted your highly qualified, experienced case manager will determine the total cost of your takedown service.
    2. Protection Pro members discount - all takedowns come with a 10% discount if you have been a Verified Protection Pro member for more than 1 month or 30 days.
    3. Protection Extra NO CHARGE -'s Content Protection Extra Service service means you never pay for same takedown twice. This service comes with various levels of protection but essentially you save big on the cost of your takedown service.
    4. DIY Takedowns - $10/month - offers a "Do It Yourself" Takedown Program as part of our very popular Protection Pro membership. This service is not professionally managed. No case worker from will help you create or review your takedown case. We have offered this program from the very beginning of launching our business. We believe strongly that the tools and trade of the internet should be available to anyone. The DIY takedown service provide the user with a complete working toolkit (including the takedown notice forms) to conduct your own takedown. If you have more time than money this perhaps is a good fit. You will most likely need to have some knowledge of how the internet works and you will need to be in contact with the infringing website directly. Takedowns in general have gotten more complex over the years and the process takes more effort than before to achieve success.

    Additional Takedown Service Options

    These service options are not required to complete a takedown case. You are NOT required to purchase any of these options. Most often your case manager may recommend them as when and if they could be of help.

    1. Research Very often a client will not have a complete picture of the amount of infringing links of their stolen content on the internet. We are experts at finding content. Research does two things - provides a complete picture of the level of content theft and provide you with peace of mind knowing the whole picture.
    2. Legal Referral Sometimes within the takedown process client's may want to involve legal support. We can help refer you to legal counsel. Simply ask your takedown case manager or client service support staff.
    3. Monitoring Often once a takedown case has been completed clients want us to monitor the infringing website OR the internet as whole for repeated theft of their content. This service is referred to as monitoring. can provide monitoring services for unlimited content on unlimited conditions. Please detail any monitoring requests you may require within your takedown signup form and your case manager will provide a quote
    4. Scanning Either before or after a takedown case has been process scanning of the infringing websites may be required. This scanning process is to make certain we have every URL that should be included in the takedown request.
    5. Case Construction Often clients have difficulty compiling their takedown case completely.'s highly trained and qualified case managers can correctly locate and identify infringing URL's that are located on website or websites that have illegally published your content. On very large sites this process may be a challenge to the uninitiated. We can help.
    6. Translation Some circumstances may require that elements within the takedown notice be translated in order to process the takedown.
    7. Website Administration Fee has found that some sites will charge an "administration fee" to remove content offline. This charge is not normal, part of the process or standard practice. However it does occur most often in jurisdictions outside of the US. If there is a situation where this fee is required you will have the option to pay the cost directly or through


    1. Will I have to pay more than $199? per takedown No
    2. What if I want my money back? We offer a 100% money back guarantee. If you want your money back before we have started work on your takedown case we will do it
    3. How can I pay? PayPal or Credit Card (through Stripe)
    4. Even though I have more domains the price does not change on the form. What do I do? Proceed with completing the takedown form. Add all of your case information. Once a case manager has been assigned to your case the remaining cost of your takedown can be evaluated and your case updated with a final price.
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