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We are unable to determine from which URL or website link you came. There are certain instances where is unable to detect if the certificate viewer has come from the website to which the certificate is connected. Knowing the webpage / website the user came from is one of tools used for determining the status of the Protection Certificate. This process works most of the time but there are some exceptions. You likely wound up here because of this exception. 90% of the time these errors can be solved by simply updating your website badge code on your site. This is very easy to do;
  1. Log into the portal and Update your badge code here
  2. If you don't yet have an account. Click here to register for free then update your badge


If your website is using HTTPS you need to make sure you have the latest embed code. It contains an extra script helper to assist with Protecting HTTPS pages.
  1. Click here to get the latest embed code.
  2. Click here to register for free if you don't yet have an account.


There are other sites that do extra redirection and this can cause the source URL to be lost in transit. If you've updated your badge code and are still having problems, please let us know here. and make sure to include the page you're coming from (where you clicked on the badge). Troubleshooting
  1. If you came here from the certificate page while trying to re-process your status page this is likely the cause
  2. your password was emailed to the address you signed up with
  3. you may have been redirected here by our systems if we were unable to detect a url
Modified: 10/03/2018
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By: Mr. DMCA Helper
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