Added correctly, the DMCA Protection Badge will not effect the performance of your website.

The DMCA Protection Badge is delivered by global Content Delivery Network (CDN). This CDN is fully redundant by both system and network, geo and load balanced with advanced BGP4 forwarding delivery protocols.

In fact the DMCA Protection Badge delivery CDN works so well that many clients with media rich sites use the DMCA WaterMarker program to deliver all their website pictures and graphics.

Its a 2 for 1 deal: By using they get all their images watermarked and protected PLUS delivered faster around the globe than most conventional web hosting services can process.

To add a DMCA Protection Badge to your website simply:

  1. register for a free account, here - Website Badge registration
  2. log into the DMCA ProtectionPortal.
  3. Once logged in, you can navigate to "My Protected Pages" and
  4. click "Add New Page(s) to My Protection Plan"
  5. Pick a Badge you like,
  6. copy the embed code, and
  7. paste it either in the footer of your website (to protect all pages with that footer), or on certain pages.
Every page that contains a DMCA Protection Badge will be automatically added to the your protected pages list.
You can login and view your complete index of protected pages list.

Sign up for Free Website Protection here: Add a Protection Badge to your site
Modified: 01/23/2019
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