The recent Yahoo hack has meant that millions of people may have had their sensitive information and content exposed. If you have been a victim of this hack, some of your content may be (re) published or uploaded to UGC (User Generated Content) sites without your permission.
If the Yahoo hack has effected you make sure and check that your information is safe. (see our how to guide below)
If you have found your stolen content published online without your permission we can help you get it taken down.

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Please see the special instructions below when completing the takedown form. This will help our case handlers expedite your claim to the takedown specialists handling the Yahoo hack.

Some examples of stolen content that have been part of this hack:

  1. Pictures (personal or intimate photos)
  2. Videos (personal or intimate video)
  3. Graphics
  4. Text
  5. Games
  6. Advertising
  7. Applications
  8. Programs
  9. Profiles or Bio's - personal or corporate
  10. Banking or Financial Information - personal or corporate
  11. Passwords - personal or corporate
  12. etc

If one of these examples is like your situation we can help.

Victims of hacks can be:

  1. people that have found their personal content (pictures or videos) hosted on another website without their permission
  2. Organizations (corporate and non-profit) that found their content (as listed below) published on another website without their permission. Generally done to steal business, traffic or SEO rankings.

If these examples describe you, can help.

Yahoo hack how to protect yourself list

Often during spectacular large scale hacks many news articles provide advice related to banking and financial information protection. This is of course very very important.
However very often what is missed is protection tips with regards to your personal content. Many people send very personal media (video or photos etc) using their smart phone and their email accounts. Very often at we see the results of this content going public. Often the impact to the users is appears equally as devastating as the other theft. Someone's personal reputation can be severely damaged with the widespread publication of intimate content. This list below focuses on how to deal with the theft of your content.

  1. if you haven't done so already change all your passwords - for everything you do. if you ever used your yahoo email account to confirm online banking or other service set ups hackers will now have that information.
  2. where possible, implement two factor password authentication process
  3. concentrate particularly on the security of all your social media accounts
    1. check to make certain the email address related to those accounts have been changed.
    2. Double check your privacy settings.
    3. check your children's accounts and other dependants' accounts
  4. make certain to remove all content you do not want published online from all your devices - mobile phones, laptops, tablets, computers etc. Anything connected through wifi, wireless, cable
    1. check your children's accounts and other dependants' accounts.
  5. search the internet for your name and variations of your name ( does provide search and monitoring services)
  6. search the internet using your email address( does provide search and monitoring services)
  7. if you find content don't panic. create an inventory and keep looking. The faster you get it taken down the better it is. Content left online will spread
  8. If you are a target of threats of any kind call the police

Yahoo hack special takedown instructions

If you are a victim of the Yahoo hack please include the following information in your takedown request form:
  1. why you believe you have been a victim of the yahoo hack
  2. when you believe the your content was stolen or published without your permission
  3. the Yahoo email address or account of the hack
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