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Protect your website contents: Text, Code, Images & Graphics

$10/month or $100/year
  • Pricing
  • Multiple Badges
  • Features
Website size regular publisher UGC site
Free Unlimited pages - limited service features
Protect with Badge1 $10 $20 $50
Protect Business2 $15 $30 $90

Two simple choices to get website protection:
Multiple Badge account pricing schedule
Domain Count Monthly Price Yearly Price
7+ $9 / Domain $7.50 / Domain
25+ $8 / Domain $6.50 / Domain
50+ $7 / Domain $5.50 / Domain
100+ $6 / Domain $5 / Domain
250+ $5 / Domain $4 / Domain
500+ $4 / Domain $3 / Domain
Basic Pro Business
Text Monitoring 0 50
Image Monitoring 0 50
Protection Badges 100 100+
Tracked Badges IDs 1 10
Content Theft Protection 1 / year 10 / year
Real Time Image Watermarking 24 Hour Limit Unlimited
Website Copy Scanner 2 Unlimited
Custom Protection Badges
Right-Click Blocker
WordPress Plugin
Blogger Plugin
HTTPS Delivery
HTTPS Validation
Multiple Badge Management
DIY DMCA Takedowns
PDF Export Takedowns
DMCA Takedown Templates
Custom Branded Watermark
Content Delivery Network
Account Verification
Delete and Reprocess Pages
Verified Account Status
Website Detective Tool
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Business Protection

Now used on over 1.3 million websites


Get your stolen content removed from the internet!

$199 for Full Service
  • Pricing
  • DIY
  • Notice Only
  • Full Service
Notice Count 1-9 10-25 26-50
DIY Takedown Unlimited $10/month
Notice Only $99 $90 $85
Full Service $199 $179 $165
Enterprise price provided based on requirements
Notice Count 1-9 10-25 26-50
DIY Takedown Unlimited $10/month or $100/year

This service is designed for webmasters and internet professionals.

This service is a Do-It-Yourself takedown service. provides all the tools and templates to complete every kind of takedown notice you need.

You do all your own site, ISP and hosting research, case management tracking and notice emailing etc.

Notice Count 1-9 10-25 26-50
Notice Only $99 $90 $85

Price competitively to match other low cost service providers.

  • This is a perfect fit if you just need a takedown notice sent to the host, ISP or owner.
  • $99 per infringing website (URL / domain) where your stolen content is hosted).
  • does all the relevant research, contacting and sending of the correct content removal notices.
  • Infringing content hosts and owners are provided the correct content removal notice.
  • No 100% takedown guarantee provided with this service.
  • No takedown notice follow-up.
Notice Count 1-9 10-25 26-50
Full Service $199 $179 $165's fully qualified, experienced takedown professionals handle get your stolen content removed. This is our peace of mind, full service package. Our team does all the work.

  • $199 per infringing website (URL/domain where your stolen content is hosted).
  • 100% Guaranteed money-back refund. If we can't get it down you get your money back.
  • The Takedown Form takes less than 3 minutes to complete.
  • This service is a professionally managed takedown notice.
  • Your case comes with a case worker and case manager - who will communicate with you.
  • Full tracking of your case until the takedown has been removed.
  • Full case management providing consistent updates on the status of your takedown
  • We do all the relevant research, contacting, emailing, and follow-up etc.


Track the internet exposure of your content - images and text

  • Keyword
  • Image
Keyword Terms Count (per scan)
15 150 1050 10,500 100,000 150,000 250,000
Standard $1.00 $0.85 $0.65 $0.45 $0.25 $0.09 $0.04
Google $1.27 $0.68 $0.39 $0.23 $0.15 $0.11 $0.08
All the above $2.53 $1.37 $0.78 $0.46 $0.29 $0.22 $0.15
Single Domain Only $1.00 $0.85 $0.65 $0.45 $0.25 $0.09 $0.04

Get alerts when finds matches on the internet to your text monitoring.
Get alerts when finds matches to your monitored images on the internet.

Monitoring scans are priced at $1 per image per month. For example, 5 scans (images) scanning at a weekly interval would be $20/month
Package Bronze Silver Gold
Page count < 10,000 < 100,000 < 10 million
Monthly Price $10 $20 $30
Package Bronze Silver Gold
Text count 10 50 100
Monthly Price $10 $20 $30
Package Bronze Silver Gold
Title count 100 500 1000
Monthly Price $10 $20 $30
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Enterprise Monitoring Service
  • 5,000+ images, phrases, titles, articles
  • calculator
  • setup and customization costs added.
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Take the tension out
of takedown notice processing

$10/month or $100/year
  • Pricing
  • Enterprise
Basic Business Enterprise
Cases per month 5 150 1000
Price $10 $50 $500
Complete (DMCA) takedown compliance notice processing service. Suitable for organizations receiving 1,000's of takedown notices per day.
Get Compliant Or see our Free starter option

Get your website takedown notice compliant in less than 5 minutes

Brand Protection

  • Trademark

  • Branding

  • Reputation Management

  • Marketing and Advertising

  • Online content
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Frequently Asked Questions

DMCA Takedowns:

Need answers? Ask a Takedown Question

What is a DMCA Takedown?

When content is removed from a website at the request of the owner of the content or the owner of the copyright of the content.

How do I get my content removed from another website?

One of the internet's most effective methods of removing your stolen content from another website is to file a Takedown notice.

How can I file a DMCA Takedown Notice? provides you with two methods of filing takedown notices. Your can process your own notices use the Do It Yourself (DIY) method or get all the work done for you with the full service, Professionally Managed Takedown Service.

How long does it take to fill out the form on

The Takedown claim form takes about 3 minutes to fill out. We do the rest for you. Our goal at is to make the process as fast and easy as possible.

What if I have multiple DMCA Takedowns?

Multiple notices for the same piece of content is common. Please make sure and click the '+' button on the takedown form to include as many infringing URL's you want.

What if my entire website has been copied?

There has been a rapid increase of popular websites being copied verbatim and re-hosted elsewhere. This is designed to steal your SEO or Search Engine Index status to capitalize on (Google) search engine traffic and ultimately steal your site traffic and clients. can assist in removing infringing copies and monitoring the internet for further infringement.

What if my content did not have a copyright notice (stamp or logo)?

Even if you have not registered or "copyright" your content, it can still not be used without your permission. If content, like pictures, articles, art, photos are yours and original they are considered protected and even copyrighted.

Website Protection:

Need answers? Ask about Protection Pro

How do I add a DMCA Protection Badge to my Website?

The badge embed is a two-step process of registering an account, followed by including our embed code to your page or site.

What is the DMCA Protection Badge?

The DMCA Protection Badge is a graphic placed on websites for the purpose of automatically adding it to our protected websites index and to demonstrate to site users the website owner has chosen the Protection Service.

How long does it take for a web page to register as DMCA Protected?

Indexing of protected pages generally occurs within 24 hours of embedding the badge. This process can be expedited with our manual scanning option. (See Protection Pro above)

What does the "Account Status: Verified" on the Protection Certificate mean?

"Verified" means the Website Certificate belongs to a paid Content Protection Pro subscriber.

Why does my Website Protection Certificate say "Account Status Non-verified" ?

"Non-Verified" Status Website Certificates belong to unpaid Protection Pro subscribers. can only verify Website Protection Certificates of paying Protection Pro clients.