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Protecting your website against theft is now considered mandatory for website owners. can help protect your website from content theft.

This is especially important for websites which are "content heavy" - pictures, graphics, video, etc.

Same as the "bricks and mortar" world, there is no 100% guarantee against online theft but there are many things you can do to protect yourself and your site. Most theft online occurs is because it is "easy" to do it. Just like leaving your front door open or your car unlocked, if you make it simple for thieves they will take advantage it.

If your content has been stolen from your website, we can get it removed for you. Click here to start a DMCA Takedown recommends the following steps to protect your website.


FREE Website Protection:

  1. Name, title and date all your website work - within the code.
  2. Add references to your site and design in your Style Sheet (CSS).
  3. Get the Protection Badge You can't go wrong by adding this extra layer of protection. It's free, includes 1 free takedown per year and will save you a lot of money.
    1. There are no signup costs or monthly fees to have the DMCA Protection Badge on your website.
    2. Includes Website Protection Certificate when you register.
    3. PLUS by registering as a protected user you get auto updates on the best website protection methods available today.
    4. You also get My Protected Website Pages service. Complete list of all your website pages protected by the DMCA Badge.
  4. Watermark your website photos. offers a free and easy program to add protection to every graphic, picture, photos etc on your website. Stop "copy and paste" of content off your website with's watermarking service.


DMCA-John Fast Tip

Using these steps, either paid or free, will make your site unappealing to would be thieves so they move on to easier targets.


Upgraded Website Protection:'s Protection Pro service provides BOTH website protection AND website enforcement. This service provides all the tools you need to protect your website and if you do experience theft of your content, DMCA ProtectionPro also has the tools you need to get your content taken away from the thieves.

Protection Pro offers a complete suite services:

Website Content Protection

  1. Verified Website Protection Certificate.
  2. Premium DMCA Protection Badges - special, distinct, custom designed Protection Badges for upgraded DMCA clients. These set your website apart.
  3. Repossessing protected pages control.
  4. Copy Scanner - unlimited webpage scanning - you can check for theft of your content whenever you want and as many times as you want.
  5. Upgraded WaterMarker Pro service - add your corporate logo to your website photos for increased protection.

Website Content Enforcement:

  1. Do it Yourself Takedown toolkit - unlimited takedown cases against thieves stealing your content.
  2. Case management system - professional case handling process to organize and track ongoing takedowns.
  3. Website detective - find and locate takedown contact information of websites publishing your stolen content.
  4. Takedown Launcher - click and create fully built takedown forms right from your Protected Pages listing.
  5. Takedown templates and forms for easy download to email.

FREE DMCA Protection Badge service list

The DMCA Protection Badge service includes:

  1. A complete selection of over 25 Protection Badge style choices.
  2. Create your own custom badge option.
  3. Registration into the ProtectionPortal, where you can access a number of additional free and paid protection services.
  4. Protected page index - a complete list of all website pages protected by the DMCA badge.

It is very important however to register your account before placing a free Protection Badge on your website. By registering first, whatever website pages and content you want protected will be listed in the DMCA Portal as "protected pages" under your account name. The free takedown service offer cannot occur without you registering your account first. does have a pay service for website protection which includes the above but also has a number of tools and services for webmasters to protect their website content PLUS content takedowns when content is stolen.

Click here for Website Protection Pro service: Protection Pro

DMCA Website Monitoring provides an Internet Content Monitoring service. This service will monitor the internet for repeat copyright violations of any content contained within a takedown notice.

Using the Internet Monitoring service gives the sender of a Takedown Notice security knowing that is monitoring the internet for more illegally hosting content. Using the content specifically listed on a Takedown Notice, will monitor the internet on regularly scheduled intervals.

Total cost = $10/mth or save 20% and pay $100/year.

Sign up for's Monitoring Service.


DMCA-Manuel Testimonial

I am not sure where to start but truly provides an amazing service. These guys are professional and have helped me a lot when it came to fight back against piracy and theft. Their 24/7 support kept me in the loop. I really don't know what I 'd do without them. Recommended A+ Service. Don't hesitate to use their badges. ****


Safeguarding Your Website: Shielding Against Content Theft

Website owners invest considerable effort and resources into creating original and valuable content. Unfortunately, there are individuals and entities who may attempt to copy or plagiarize this content without permission. To counteract such actions and preserve the integrity of your website, it is essential to implement effective measures to prevent content theft.

There are various strategies and techniques to safeguard your website against content theft, including the use of copyright notices, DMCA notices, digital watermarks, and staying informed about copyright laws.

Adding Copyright Notices

One of the simplest yet effective ways to deter content theft is by prominently displaying a copyright notice on your website. A copyright notice serves as a visual reminder that the content is protected by copyright laws, informing visitors that unauthorized use is prohibited. By adding a copyright notice to your website's footer or sidebar, you establish a legal claim to your content and assert your rights as the creator.

Utilizing DMCA Notices

Staying Informed about Copyright Laws

As a website owner, it is crucial to stay updated on copyright laws and regulations. Familiarize yourself with the legal framework governing intellectual property rights, including fair use provisions and international copyright treaties. Regularly check for any changes or updates to ensure your website's content protection measures align with the current legal landscape. By staying informed, you can adapt your strategies and take appropriate action in case of infringement. Reach out to an attorney directly for assistance with undestand curent laws.

Protecting your website against content theft requires a multi-faceted approach. By incorporating copyright notices, DMCA notices, digital watermarks, and staying informed about copyright laws, you can significantly reduce the risk of unauthorized content copying. While no method guarantees absolute protection, these strategies act as powerful deterrents and provide a solid foundation for defending your website's intellectual property. By actively safeguarding your online content, you preserve its value, maintain your reputation, and uphold your rights as a content creator in the digital realm.

Stragies for Protection Websites from Content Theft

Create Unique and Valuable Content

Producing original and high-quality content is the first line of defense against content theft. By creating unique and valuable material, you establish yourself as a credible source and make it less likely for others to replicate your content. Focus on offering original insights, research, and perspectives that are difficult to reproduce.

Monitor Website Analytics

Regularly monitoring your website's analytics can provide insights into potential instances of content theft. Look for unusual spikes in traffic or referral sources that may indicate unauthorized use of your content. Investigate any suspicious activity promptly and take appropriate action.

Disable Right-Click Functionality

Disabling the right-click functionality on your website can make it more challenging for casual users to copy your content. While it may not deter determined individuals, it acts as a deterrent for those looking for quick and easy ways to copy text or images.

Secure Your Website

Implementing robust security measures for your website can help protect your content. Keep your content management system (CMS) and plugins up to date to prevent security vulnerabilities. Additionally, consider using secure sockets layer (SSL) certificates to encrypt data transmitted between your website and users, adding an extra layer of protection.

Monitor Social Media Platforms

Regularly search social media platforms for instances of your content being shared without permission. Actively monitor accounts and groups related to your niche and address any unauthorized sharing promptly. Social media platforms often have mechanisms in place to report copyright infringements.

Back Up Your Content

Regularly backing up your website's content is essential in case of data loss or if you need to provide evidence of your original work. Backup copies can serve as proof of ownership in the event of content theft and assist in legal proceedings if necessary.

Educate Your Audience

Take the opportunity to educate your audience about the importance of respecting copyright laws and intellectual property rights. Encourage them to share your content through proper channels, provide attribution, and seek permission when necessary. By fostering a culture of respect for content creators, you can further protect your work.

Remember, while these strategies can significantly reduce the risk of content theft, no method is foolproof. It's important to remain vigilant, regularly assess your website's content, and be prepared to take action when necessary. By combining multiple protective measures and staying proactive, you can better safeguard your content and preserve its integrity.


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