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If you have found a DMCA Protection Badge on website / webpage you believe has stolen or copyright content on, you can submit a takedown against that site.
The DMCA Protected Badge does NOT prevent users from processing a Takedown against that website owner.
In fact, having the DMCA Badge on a website with illegally hosted content is a good thing because it means you actually have a point of contact to communicate with regarding the stolen content.
This situation is even better if you are the owner, you can complete the takedown form and we will submit it to the contact of the infringing website on your behalf.
If you have identified a Protected site with stolen content simply complete the DMCA Takedown form. Go to: and complete the form.

As per the act, we cannot submit takedown applications on your behalf anonymously.

Some examples of stolen content that we work with everyday are:

  1. Pictures - of you or taken by you
  2. Videos - of you or taken by you
  3. Graphics
  4. Text
  5. Applications
  6. Programs
  7. Profiles or Bio's - personal or corporate
  8. etc
If one of these examples is like your situation we can help.
Start Your Takedown here:

Modified: 01/08/2019
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