laptop showing digital millennium copyright act will accept reports of copyright infringement/stolen content for the rights holder who is a client. Internet users often are the best source to locate copyright infringement. Every day receives emails and information about stolen content. will make every effort to contact the owner of the stolen content and inform them of the infringements.

If you wish to report copyright infringement that is occurring, please follow the instructions below.

If the content you wish to report stolen is yours, you can submit a takedown request, here: Start Your Takedown



DMCA Fast Tip

Please note: If there is a "finder's fee" associated with the stolen content we will notify you as soon as we have confirmed with our content client.


Reporting copyright infringement

Have you found content stolen from one of our clients? Please include the following information when reporting stolen content:

  1. Content name.
  2. If you know it content owner, creator, publisher or distributor.
  3. Stolen content location please include the specific infringing links. General URL's eq. are not suitable - please be specific in with infringing URL's.
    1. e.g.:
  4. DMCA Protection Certificate link or Protection badge link found on the site owners' website. This will help us identify the site owner's account.



DMCA Takedown Testimonial

DMCA are such an incredible resource. They work very hard to ensure your content is protected and resolve your issue where others have failed to. Exceptional company. -Sunset Aperture


My content was stolen! How do I report the copyright infringement?

The most effective method of removing your stolen content from another website is to file a DMCA Takedown. To get started you can submit your request with here: DMCA Takedown Form. If someone has stolen your content and is publishing it without your permission on another website, can help. Simply submit the name and location of where you found your stolen content and we go to work on your behalf.


Who can file a DMCA Takedown Notice to report copyright infringement?

  1. content creators/owners
  2. copyright owners
  3. content publishers or distributors (with permission of the content or copyright owners)
  4. NFT owners
  5. code writers and publishers
  6. social media users and participants
  7. subject contained within the content and published without permission (special considerations may be required)

If the list above does not appear to describe your situation by all means ask. Click here to Ask us about your situation


How can I know if a website uses DMCA?

If a website uses the DMCA they will usually place a reference in the footer of the website. The clickthrough should clearly state the conditions of the DMCA Takedown process. Many websites reference the Takedown Notice form on this website directly. If you are unsure or the website unclear, click here to complete your takedown request: DMCA Takedown Form. Our professional team will connect your takedown request to the right website.


What kind of websites will process copyright infringement reports?

Infringing content is removed or "taken down" from many different websites and platforms. Here is a small example list where content is removed online:

  1. from a UCG (User Generated Content) Platform (like Facebook and TikTok), upon receipt of a DMCA Takedown Notice sent by or on behalf of the infringed content owner, distributor, publisher etc.
  2. by the website owner, upon receipt of a DMCA Takedown Notice from the website owner's ISP / Hosting company. This would occur when ISP / Hosting company receives a notice sent by or on behalf of the content owner, distributor, publisher etc.
  3. by the website owner upon receipt of a DMCA Takedown Notice from the, or on behalf of, the content owner, distributor, publisher etc.
  4. by the by the ISP or Hosting company of the website that is publishing the infringing content. This occurs because the website owner has not voluntarily complied with a DMCA Notice and the ISP or Hosting company must comply with the Takedown notice.
  5. when an infringing website is taken down or taken "offline" by it's ISP or Hosting company. This occurs because the website owner does not voluntarily comply with a Takedown notice as described above.


These Takedown actions occur upon receipt of a DMCA Takedown Notice which uses stipulations laid out in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. (DMCA). This Act directly addresses the takedown of (copyright) infringed content from a website which is publishing content in violation of copyright protection act or content being used without permission or not in accordance to the sworn statement of the content owner.

Simply Stated:, there are many ways content may be removed but they process starts with a Takedown Notice.


How long does it take to complete the form to report copyright infringement?

The Takedown claim form takes about 3 minutes to fill out. We will do the rest for you. Our goal at is to make the process as fast and easy as possible.


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Report copyright infringement here: Report infringement
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