Like Share offers a free service for you to report copyright infringement / stolen content as a courtesy to the rights holder who is a client.

Internet users often are the best source to locate copyright infringement. Everyday receives email and information about stolen content. will make every effort to contact the owner of the stolen content and inform them of the infringements

If you wish to report copyright infringement that is occurring please follow the instructions below.

Please note: If there is a "finders fee" associated with the stolen content we will notify you as soon as we have confirmed with our content client.

Reporting copyright infringement

Please follow these instructions when reporting stolen content:

1.  Content name

2.  If you know it content owner, creator, publisher or distributor

3.  Stolen content location please include the specific infringing links. General url's eq. are not suitable - please be specific in with infringing URL's e.g:

4.  DMCA Protection Certificate link or Protection badge link found on the site owners website. This will help us identify the site owner's account.

Report copyright infringement here: Report infringement
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