"Unauthorized" Status on Website Certificates indicate the website is abusing DMCA.com Protection Badges and Certificate Status pages. Abuse occurs when:

  1. the Protection Badge is used to protect copyright content - without permission.
  2. the Protection Certificate and Status page is used to protect copyright content - without permission.
  3. website owner does not respond to copyright infringement claims registered with DMCA.com

If your DMCA.com Certificate and Status page is listed as Unauthorized please contact DMCA.com directly. protectionpro@dmca.com

Authorized Website Certificate pages status should be either Verified (see below) or Unverfied.

Follow instructions below to get your status page verified

DMCA.com can only verify Website Protection Certificates of paying Protection Pro DMCA.com clients.

Upgrade to get Verified.

"Verified" status occurs within 24 hours on a paid upgrade to Protection Pro.

Get "Verified" Instructions:

  1. If you are already a DMCA.com Protection Badge user then click here to login
  2. once logged in click here to Get Verified Website Certificate
Note:Your email address must match your PayPal address. Make certain your contact email address, for your DMCA.com account is the same as your PayPal account email address. The two email addresses must be the same . DMCA.com uses Paypal to validate who you are and your account information.

  1. click here for new Website Protection Badges and Certificates
  2. click here to Get Verified Website Certificate

Upgrade to Protection Pro here: Click here to get a Verified Website Certificate
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