has added a "Reprocess" control option to every protected page listed.

This means you can :

1. Verify your webpage certificate immediately. Simply hit the "Reprocess" button and your webpage certificate upgrades instantly.

2. make changes to your webpage(s) and not wait for to re-index that page onto your list

3. control the status of your Protected Pages

3. control your Protected Pages listings

To use this function you must first:

- be logged into the User Protection Portal

- and you must be a paying Protection Pro Subscriber

To login: If you are already a Protection Pro subscriber then you can login here click here to login To Pay:

Badge users can upgrade while logged in for instant upgrade click here to Upgrade and use Reprocessing and Delete

If you are NOT logged in and want to upgrade your account click here click here to upgrade Protection Pro

Upgrade to Protection Pro here: click here to Upgrade and use Reprocessing
Modified: 01/30/2023
Category: Frequently Asked Question
By: Mr. DMCA Helper
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