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The most effective method of removing your stolen content from another website is to file a DMCA Takedown. To get started: and complete the form.
If someone has stolen your content and is publishing it without your permission on another website, can help. Simply submit the name and location of where you found your stolen content and we go to work on your behalf.

Most DMCA Takedown clients are:

  1. people that have found their personal content (pictures or videos) hosted on another website without their permission
  2. Organizations (corporate and non-profit) that found their content (as listed below) published on another website without their permission. Generally done to steal business, traffic or SEO rankings.

If these examples describe you, can help.

Some examples of stolen content that we work with everyday are:

  1. Pictures
  2. Videos
  3. Graphics
  4. Text
  5. Games
  6. Advertising
  7. Applications
  8. Programs
  9. Profiles or Bio's - personal or corporate
  10. etc

If one of these examples is like your situation we can help.

Start Your Takedown here:

Modified: 02/06/2019
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