Due to security and privacy policy requirements, DMCA.com staff, management or authorized agents are unable to add, edit or remove any contacts / account users on your DMCA.com account.

Should a account user / contact change be required on a DMCA.com account an authorized contact for that account will be required to login and make the account contact change.

Enter any contact person or account user that will be relevant to the relationship between DMCA.com and your organization.

Account user / Contact Management Instructions

  1. login to your DMCA.com account https://login.dmca.com/account/view.aspx
  2. To view account users / contacts login to your account go to https://login.dmca.com/Contacts/view.aspx
  3. Review the list of account users - remove, edit or add to the list as needed.
  4. To add a new account user / contact to your account go to https://login.dmca.com/Contacts/add.aspx
  5. Once the new account user / contact has been added or edited request that contact to go to the DMCA Login page https://login.dmca.com/users/login add their email address and select "Resend My Password" that contact will then be able to login and process any action they require on account.

Account users / Contact positions might be:

  1. technical staff
  2. invoicing or finance staff
  3. executives
  4. business or sales staff
  5. third party vendor direct contacts
  6. organizational senior decision makers
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