It is not considered "best practice" to add the same DMCA Protection Badge from one registered account to multiple websites. In order to take full advantage of the DMCA Protection Badge offering it is best to create a new account for each distinct website you own.

If you have Protection Pro, go to the following link to create your child badges: How do I create Child Badges with my Protection Pro account?

Each Protection Badge account comes with its own distinct website protection certificate ID which is identified to a single account or website name. It may be confusing to users of your site to see a mismatched name on your certificate.
To create / add another account for another website please follow instructions below.
  1. Click below to register
  2. complete the form
  3. check your email for registration confirmation and login details
  4. login
  5. select "Add new pages to my Protection plan" You will be directed to a selection of DMCA Protected Badges that can be added to your website.
  6. simply copy and paste the DMCA Protection Badge code onto your website.
  7. Once published on your website your page will automatically be added to your list of DMCA Protected pages.
You can login at any time and review your page list.
Sign up for Website Protection here:
Modified: 01/15/2019
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