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If you are new to and its services, the best way to contact us is to create a case through our takedowns page or questions form

If you are already a client the best way to contact is to login to the Secure UsersPortal and create a case

You can phone - a complete list of numbers in various regions are listed here: If you get a voicemail please make sure you leave your case number. Without a case number, professionals will be unable to call you back.

Generally you will not need to speak to anyone at to get your takedown completed. However should you need to speak with the person assigned to your case we do offer an additional service for phone support of your DMCA TakeDown. Simply reply to your DMCA Case email. Once received your DMCA staff assigned to your case will contact you. This is solely at your discretion.

99% of the time after you complete the DMCA TakeDown form, the next contact you hear from us when your copyrighted material has been removed.

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