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Designed for small personal websites, and website owners who want a solution that effectively deters content theft

Protection Pro

$10 / month

Designed for professional websites and businesses that require the best defences to secure their property.

No Badge Protection

$15 / month

No badge or code-less website protection. Ideal for websites that are not easily adapted to adding the standard DMCA Badge.

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Real Testimonial
"I am very happy I found ! Their service is GREAT ! I was at my wits end with one person in particular stealing images off my website and putting them on his for SALE ! Then he even started making copies of my designs and popping up on free websites all over the Internet. Thru their "Take Down " service, managed to get his one of ISP's to remove my images from his web site QUICKLY and are working on his other site! Thank you I highly recommend their services to anyone having copyright infringement problems"


Real Testimonial
"It’s a painful and sad to see scrapers stealing the content you worked so hard for and claiming it to be their own creation; this hurts. I used DMCA takedowns to remove my stolen content, it always worked like a charm; the takedowns were quick and hassle free; minimum paperwork and correspondence I would recommend DMCA Protection to all my friends and well wishers."


Real Testimonial
"Hello, Thank You so much for your help. The site has been shut down. How did you do it so quick ?"


General Manager
"I am really proud and glad to work with They helped us in removing and taking down more than 5 websites copying our copyrighted content. Their professionalism, quick reply and dedicated support make them the only people that I contact for any help in the Internet and world wide web industry. Great Job, thanks team. Best Regards "


CEO Testimonial
"I am an owner of a recipe sharing site thats is global but headquarters are in the UK. We have spent 4 years building our content and our community only to find 3 major US sites have scraped our content and taken our traffic. I approached with examples of the copyright infringement and I was enormously impressed in their vigour and thoroughness to establish the case and the efficiency with which they got the takedown notices sent. The sites were down within 5 days from when we sent the notices and now I am just waiting for google to take the references out of the search pages Thanks for all your help!"


Owner Testimonial
"I have started a successful niche business. Others soon followed suit. Competition is not a threat. But the personal violation and theft of my voice and vision is. When I noticed other sites infringing on my copyrighted content, i contacted for help. In a matter of days the infringing site was completely off line. I felt elated and vindicated. I will continue to use to help keep my competition in check. Thank You"


Real Testimonial
"Well done. Thank you. Your company delivered exactly as promised and we are completely satisfied"


Real Testimonial
"I was shocked to find out how easy it was to copy our website. I was extremely angry that someone could do this to us. I found DMCA.COM after doing a google search and chose them over others, as they seemed to be the most professional. They exceeded my expectations and got the site taken down in 4 days! I have had a really positive experience with them and they delivered. If you have the same issue then I would highly recommend them. ****"

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Protection Basic (Free)

Standard Badges

A huge selection of Protection Badges to choose from.

Website Certificate

Website copyright statement of content ownership.

1 Free Takedown

You get 1 free takedown per year.

10% Off

10% off all Professional takedown services.

Knowledge Base

Get access to our comprehensive knowledge base.

Protected Page Tracking

Keep track of your protected pages.

The DMCA .com Protection Badge guarantees that online criminals and content thieves hesitate before copying your original material. All you need to do is register and place a Protection Badge on your website. Included in the Protection Service:

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Protection Pro ($10/mth)

Standard + Premium Badges

Access to our selection of Premium Badges.

Website Certificate

Verified website copyright statement of content ownership.

10 Free Takedowns

You get 10 free takedowns per year.

Multiple Takedowns

Create and manage multiple Takedowns.

Find Content

Find copies of your content online.

Website Detective

Find out who is stealing your content.

Protect your website with the best content protection services. Protection Pro is an effective deterrent, management, reporting and resolution system.

If someone steals your content we'll do up to 10 free takedowns per year

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Protect Your Website with Our Badges

Use the following badges to protect your website, content and graphics.

More Protection Pro™ Features

Premium Badges

  • Premium Protection Badges: Gain access to our subscribers only selection of premium badges
  • Certificate Management: Manage your own certificates
  • Verified Account Status: After your first payment is complete we are able to verify your account status & address with PayPal

No Badge Protection

  • Simplest, quickest option: add your website URL and we do the rest.
  • Code-less website protection: No need to add protection badge code to your website.
  • No page indexing required: By adding your website directly to the Protection Service platform all the hard work is done for you. Simply login and see all your website pages protected.
  • Protection Certificate provided: even though there is no badge you can still see every one of your website pages' Protection Certificate by URL.

DIY Case Management

  • Case Management System: Handling multiple DMCA Takedowns or DMCA Counterclaim can be a tedious, time-consuming task. With our DMCA Case Management system - it's a breeze.
  • DMCA Takedown Generator: Create DMCA Takedown notices with accurate proven exportable templates (including PDF). Our professionals use this tool every day to get stolen content removed.

Website Scanner

  • Copy Scanner: Scan the Internet for copies of your website! available 24/7/365. Enter your search term and scan for duplicates!


  • DMCA Watermarker: Instantly protect an unlimited amount of photos and add your copyright information to all of them.

Who owns that website?

  • Website Detective: You can't get stolen content removed without knowing who hosts it. This extremely useful tool reveals the contact information of ISPs hosting an infringing website.

How Does DMCA Protection Work?

Why join the protection plan?

  • Protect Content Theft.
  • React quickly if theft occurs.
  • Use unique Anti-Piracy tools.
  • Get it free of charge.

1 Free Takedown

  • DMCA Protection members have reported a significant reduction in cases of content theft.
  • If content theft does occur, you get 1 free Takedown per year.

Free Badges

  • Choose from our selection of badges to match your site, or, create your own.
  • Place one of our protection badges on your website for free.

DIY (Do-It-Yourself) DMCA Takedowns

Website Protection Pro™ is designed to allow content owners to perform their own DMCA Takedowns, Counterclaims and Takedown research.

If you need to perform multiple DMCA Takedowns every month or encounter reoccurring cases of content infringement - doing these yourself is also a real money-saver.

We provide easy to use DIY form and DMCA Takedown templates, you do the job of sending it where it needs to go

Professional Takedowns

Our team of professionals use these exact same tools on a daily basis when performing DMCA Takedowns - they are one of the main reasons our Takedown success rate is so high.

What if I need just one DMCA Takedown? is the #1 DMCA Takedown service provider. We can get your stolen content removed for a one-time fee of $199.