can provide monitoring services provides a comprehensive group of services to help locate and monitor your content.

  1. Monitoring
  2. Reporting
  3. Research's website level Protection Pro service accomplishes the entry level portion of content protection and enforcement. However, a number of our clients often require the additional help of the Professional Services team. Our clients are content owners, creators, developers, distributors or sellers. They range from movie distribution companies, advertisers, personalities, entertainers, bands, gaming production houses, etc. Whether their business is music, video, graphics, pictures or games, we know how to look for it, where to find it and how to get it down!

Part of's Professional Services program is to monitor and report on the theft (infringement) and security of our client's (copyright) content on a predetermined timeline. has a retainer and "pay as you go" program for these professional services. Sign up for Professional Monitoring services here: Monitoring Services Request


DMCA-John Tip's highly experienced Professional services team know all the websites, domains, ISP's and OSP's that perpetrate the largest amount of content theft on the internet. This experience means fast and effective removal of infringing content.


Monitoring Services provides monitoring service packages to fit your needs and budget. Simply find what service matches your requirements and set your own pricing level.

Website Monitoring

Every account is provided three unique items:

  1. Protection Badge numbers and codes for obvious protection statement. Like the security alarm sign.
  2. Unique short alpha numeric code for adding into text and html.
  3. Unique bar, graphics and reference codes.

All of these unique tracking items are used to track images, text and pages for theft. On top of these items which come on our standard platform.

Product Monitoring

Provide active control monitoring on:


  1. Ideal for campaign names
  2. Product codes, items and SKU’s
  3. Service labels


  1. Graphic design
  2. Stock photos
  3. Logos
  4. Trademarks
  5. Etc.

Whole Text

  1. Key marketing statements
  2. Sentence combinations
  3. Whole paragraphs and
  4. Reference passages
  5. Instructions
  6. Product descriptions
  7. Lists

Takedown Tracker

Standard Site Monitoring

This service is designed to look at single sites for infringements:

  1. Service Demonstration - step by step instructions on how to use the monitoring service to scan and search a single website for stolen copies of your content.
  2. Website Monitoring - clients can monitor a single site for a specific list of copyright violations.
  3. Takedown Site Monitoring - clients can monitor a single site for a specific list of copyright violations as part of a completed takedown notice.
  4. Takedown Site Tracking - clients can track the success of their processed and filed takedown notices. Know when a site removes your stolen content without having to login every day.

Standard Internet Monitoring

This service is designed to scan the internet for infringements:

  1. Service Demonstration - step by step instructions on how to use the monitoring service to scan and search the internet for stolen copies of your content.
  2. Internet Monitoring - clients can monitor the internet for a specific list of copyright violations.
  3. Takedown Notice Internet Monitoring - clients can monitor the internet for a specific list of copyright violations referenced in their takedown notice.
  4. Personal Content Monitoring - clients can monitor the internet for any personal content that may have been posted without their permission.

Reputation Monitoring offers three levels of professional monitoring services to keep your online reputation clean.

Gold Monitoring

Service Includes:

  1. 1 professional internet search per month for infringements.
  2. 1 email with complete search result details.
  3. Search conclusions from DMCA Takedown professional.
  4. Search result strategy and action plan recommendations.

Platinum Monitoring

Service Includes:

  1. 2 professional internet searches per month for infringements.
  2. 1 phone call to discuss professional internet search result details.
  3. 2 emails with complete search result details.
  4. 5 Professional Takedown case preparations.
  5. 5 internal support cases with replies - need an answer to a question make a case and you get front of line support for a reply back.
  6. 15% discount on all takedown case pricing.
  7. Search conclusions from DMCA Takedown professional.
  8. Search result strategy and action plan recommendations.

VIP Reputation Protection and Monitoring

Service Includes:

  1. 4 professional internet searches per month for infringements.
  2. 15 takedown case preparation for professional takedown notices.
  3. Unlimited phone support for up to 2 hours of talk time with your DMCA Takedown Case Professional.
  4. Unlimited emails to complete search result details communication.
  5. Unlimited internal support case with replies - need an answer to a question make a case and you get VIP support for your reply back.
  6. Enterprise Pricing on all takedown cases. Pay only what the Pro's do for your Professionally Managed Takedown cases.
  7. Search conclusions from DMCA Takedown professional.
  8. Search result strategy and action plan recommendations.

For more information on this service see more information here: Personal Reputation Monitoring Services

Professionally Managed Monitoring

All Professionally managed monitoring services are conducted using client supplied specific content.

Client content is monitored for theft (infringement) and security on a predetermined interval. This interval is usually monthly but often shorter times are employed for live or short-term events. There are two monitoring services offered:

  1. One time or irregular intervals - generally for concerts, film releases, sporting events - especially events that will be broadcast online.
  2. Continuous or regular interval - generally for publishers releasing content on a continuous or ongoing basis. This interval is usually monthly.

At the end of the interval period will provide a report on the extent of infringements (if there is any).

Monitoring is conducted using both manpower and's massive cloud-based indexing and processing network technology HUB called DARSMAP (see Our Technology section below). The combination of the two provides an exceedingly comprehensive view of the state of infringement of your content.

Note: Geo Location and / or Network specific monitoring is a standard request for content owners. Often this relates to a specific launch, broadcast, work or client area that needs a higher level of review.

Please see specific service information here: Research and Monitoring Services checklist


DMCA-Manuel Testimonial

I am very happy I found! Their service is GREAT! I was at my wits end with one person in particular stealing images off my website and putting them on his for SALE! Then he even started making copies of my designs and popping up on free websites all over the Internet. Through their "Take Down " service, my case manager, LeeAnne at DMCA managed to get his one of the ISP's to remove my images from his web site QUICKLY and are working on his other site! Thank you I highly recommend their services to anyone having copyright infringement problems. -Susan


Reporting Services

Interval reports will show the extent of copyright infringement found within the specific client supplied search parameters, during the monitoring interval time. Reports will show:

  1. Total number of infringements found by count and list.
  2. Location of infringements by URL.
  3. Total number of takedowns.
  4. Estimated price to conduct total takedowns.
  5. Network, ISP / OSP and geographic locations as required by client.

Note: These reports may be further customized to meet specific requirements of a board of directors, law firm or marketing agency.

It is important to point out that research is a key element of this entire service. management highly recommends commencing this work with a full spectrum research project to determine the extent of any copyright infringement. Without this initial research being completed it is difficult to establish the ideal monthly monitoring and reporting conditions.


Professional Content Status Research Services provides a professional research engagement process, under contract, with specific terms and conditions clearly laid out. believes both people and machines are needed to be successful in locating content online.

Our process starts and ends with people, with the machines employed in the middle to process the massive data searching, indexing, compiling and filtering.

The standard process for commencing (and quoting) research work of this nature is to first know all the title(s) of (all) the content that has been infringed or subject to research.

While this may appear to be an obvious statement, it is often more complex than the term and exercise suggests. The speed at which content is disseminated on the internet has been widely described as incredible. Compounding the speed of the dissemination of the content is the simultaneously morphing or changes (like a virus) of elements of the content. Specifically, it is often the title or content description that changes. Particularly content that is part of a community or “fan base” Often this kind of content will be specifically named in terms understood or related (often only) to the fan base.

Click here for Content Checklist specifics: Professional Research and monitoring services content checklist

Research Commencement

Once the content profile(s) have been completed the actual research work of matching content infringement conditions commences. This is where’s unique technology platform is used to locate additional factors related to the research content profile(s).

Once this process has been completed the research staff review the findings to confirm and verify results. Ultimately it is this verified list that becomes the research report results.

Our Technology

The technology used with all’s research projects is the core technology platform that makes up’s Monitoring service.

Called DARSMAP, this technology platform provides the user with the ability to build a very robust content profile which is then used to monitor the internet for infringements. DARSMAP also provides resource support to create your content profile by searching for, locating and adding as many additional factors related to your content profile as possible in order to continuously monitor the most comprehensive content profile possible.

Once the complete profiles are built the search platform provides the ability to use the internet’s most powerful search engines to locate content. With several substantial advantages over the single user search profile most commonly experienced by everyday internet users.

Research and Monitoring Service Platform Details

Direct API Connection’s search service platform is directly connected through API to the search engine. This provides the ability to add the substantial amounts of search terms and references attached to the content profile to be simultaneously searched.

No User Profile Conditions

Everyone that uses search engines as a single user often experiences search results specific to their user profile or geography. search platform allows search without profiles.

Global Search Referencing

Everyone that uses search engines as a single user often experiences search results specific to their geography – region or country. Not so with The Content Delivery Network (CDN) is spread across the planet in over 34 countries (and growing) this vast network is used to provide the Protection Badge which our client’s place on their websites and other content. This very large CDN provides our search program with the ability to access the prebuilt content profile searches from multiple geographic locations suitable or matching the content profile.


The search program provides search results in scaling real-time display that allows the reader to process, organize, review and verify vast search results. This is not available to the single user search engine experience. Especially not when considering the significant amount of content input required when searching a full content profile with a completed factors list.

Results Rating provides a rating system on the results based on accuracy when compared to the content profile and profile factors. This rating scale increases the time required to verify the results by a human.

Multiple Search Engine Comparison

Search results found on one search engine can be compared to results found on another. This cross-platform comparison provides increased veracity of the results.

Machine Learning or AI

Once search results are returned by the search program the user is able to approve or reject website listings found that are specific to the content profile and profile factors. This process improves further real-time searching and the use of search engines to provide better results.

Verification and Optimization

For takedown processing search results are easily scanned and reviewed to verify their accuracy as infringing content. Single click of the verified results are then selected to be processed for takedown. Index maintains a proprietary index of websites which is accessed directly through the search platform.

All research is conducted using both manpower and's massive cloud-based indexing and processing network. The combination of the two provides an exceedingly comprehensive list of infringement on client content.

Examples of the Research Engagement Conditions

  1. Comprehensive list of content - by title, author, owner, code, etc.
  2. Specific locations of infringements by country, region or network or OSP.
  3. Range of content - video, pictures, graphics, code, text etc.
  4. Content publication or copyright dates.
  5. Infringement dates.
  6. Advertising and marketing exclusion zones by titles, author, code specifics etc.
  7. Affiliate or re-seller exclusion zones by titles, author, code specifics etc. brings a wealth of experience with regards to conducting a thorough research project. Copyright infringement research is highly sophisticated work as theft (infringement) of content is not always blatant and obvious. search results have been submitted in the past for review by the Board of Governors, C suites, copyright(s) owners, law firms, financial firms.

Sign up for Professional Research Services here: Research Services Request

If you require's professional services, please email

How can professional services for copyright infringement monitoring help businesses achieve their goals?

These services protect businesses' intellectual property and content by monitoring online platforms and detecting instances of copyright infringement. By safeguarding their content, businesses can maintain brand integrity and achieve their business goals.

Website content monitoring plays an important role in copyright infringement prevention

Website content monitoring ensures that original content remains protected from unauthorized use. By continuously monitoring web pages and online platforms, businesses can identify and address copyright violations promptly.

Monitoring tools can assist in copyright infringement detection

A monitoring tool scans the internet for unauthorized use of copyrighted material, including text, images, and videos. It provides businesses with real-time alerts and comprehensive reports to take appropriate action against copyright infringement.

Professional copyright infringement monitoring can impact the bottom line of a business

By safeguarding copyrighted content, businesses can preserve their unique selling propositions, maintain brand reputation, and avoid potential revenue losses caused by copyright infringement. Copyright infringement monitoring ties into the overall content marketing strategy. Protecting the originality and integrity of content, is crucial for maintaining brand awareness and trust. It ensures that content marketing efforts are not compromised by unauthorized use or plagiarism.

By identifying and addressing instances of copyright infringement, professional monitoring services help maintain the uniqueness and authenticity of a brand's content. This, in turn, strengthens brand awareness and recognition among the target audience.

Professional copyright infringement monitoring promotes a culture of originality and creativity within content creation. It encourages businesses to produce unique and valuable content, free from concerns of infringement.

Can Google Analytics be used for copyright infringement monitoring?

Google Analytics primarily focuses on website traffic and user behavior analysis. Copyright infringement monitoring requires specialized tools and services that actively search for instances of content misuse across various online platforms.

How can professional services assist in copyright infringement reporting?’s professional services provide expertise in infringement detection, and reporting procedures. Streamlining the reporting process, helping businesses take appropriate legal action against infringers.

By ensuring that content remains protected, copyright infringement monitoring contributes to a successful content marketing strategy. It helps businesses maintain brand awareness and originality, protect their intellectual property, and align content creation with business goals, ultimately driving brand awareness, engagement, and return on investment.

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